Friday, June 28, 2013

Chain Chain Chain

I wanted to build up my CHAIN ALBUM....I've been noticing that I really didn't have a very good variety of chains...that my chain album has been too long ignored. So I have set my mind to build up my collection of chains....
And my first few additions are these ant gold chunky chains. Right now I only have them in antique gold but they are also available in silver tone...

You can buy they per yard or if you just want a sample, it can be bough also per foot.... Prices can be found in my facebook shop account (shown there in Philippine Peso)

Right now available in my facebook shop account - (add me here)

Monday, June 24, 2013


One of my biggest focuses in my products are my settings. I am happy to have quite a big variety of settings. I have settings I bought from Hong Kong...ones I imported from the USA, local ones and ones that I call EJB REGULAR EXCLUSIVES SETTINGS.

I call these settings as "REGULAR" which means...they are ALWAYS going to be available. I order these from my supplier and keep them in stock. They are EXCLUSIVE in that my supplier creates the molds especially for me and does not distribute the ready made settings.

Why would you want these regular settings? Well, a lot of my clients create special made to order pieces that are for giveaways and souvenirs or for special clients that want one of a kind pieces. The exclusive settings are great because they make pieces that are one of a kind...and since they are regular, they can keep it in their catalogs without worrying if they'll be able to order it in the future...

So here are my existing REGULAR SETTINGS...

They are available in ANTIQUE GOLD, SILVER, BLACK and RAW. Raw settings are plain, coloress (or you could say they are matte antiqued silver)

30mm inset

Inset - 22mm x 30mm

Inset - 25mm

Inset - 18mm x 25mm

Inset - 25mm

Inset - 22mm x 30mm


Inset - 30mm x 40mm

So that's what i currently have but am planning to add lots more...choose which you want to add to your creations....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Batch 3 Silicone Molds for Crafts

I have some new designs for my silicone molds that is great for all kinds of crafts... Since these are all flexible molds, you can use them for crafts like polymer clay and resin. The silicone material I use is food grade so they can be used for chocolates and brownies or other foods...

So here's a few of them that i just recently uploaded in my facebook shop account...

these (and a lot more) are available on my facebook shop account -

Let me know if you want any of them listed right away on my storenvy for international customers -