Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Etsy Shop Opened

I finally registered as a seller in etsy. I set up a few things today. I created this banner for the top part -

I also edited the shipping & payments section in the shop. I added several categories for my products. I am still working on my profile. I never know what to write in there. So,  i think I am pretty much ready to start posting some items. Although, I still need to read more about how to promote the items in my shop.

Here's the storefront -

I plan to start listing items by the 1st of October. I'm very hopeful and excited. I hope that the shop will take off. Come and visit!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pink Bear Prototype

I've been working on designing a small pink plush bear. First, drew up the body on paper. 

After cutting it out on cardboard, I tried out what different eyes would look.


Time to cut out the pattern pieces on your felt cloth.

Time to piece the bear together. I use a blanket stitch. Start by sewing the triangular nose onto the white oval piece and sew the oval piece onto the pink body on the head section. Next sew the eyes on.


Pinch the bottom of the ears and sew the two ends together.

Sew the white oval belly part.

Next you sew on the ears.

Using the blanket stitch, sew the front and back pieces together. Sew only the head section together. Before sewing down the sides, stuff the head section with fiber fill. Then sew down along both sides.


Stuff the rest of the body and close off the ends.

Here's the finished pink bear prototype - 

I think I need to work on this guy's eyes. Maybe something a bit smaller and teary looking. Perhaps a rounder head. Whatcha think??


I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and found that a lot of them have freebies and giveaways to their followers!!! What a wonderful way to share your handmade items to readers and customers out there. So, I decided to have my very own giveaway.

I wanted to introduce my Earthly Jewels accessories out there.
I have been selling online for a while now through my multiply account and have recently started a Facebook account for it as well.  I make most of the items myself from beaded jewelry, beaded slippers, handmade cloth bags and so much more.

Stop by, add me and browse my items at my multiply account here  -
earthlyjewels.multiply.com or
facebook - www.facebook.com/myearthlyjewels

As for my GIVEAWAY RAFFLE...I am raffling off this necklace and bracelet set made of glass beads handmade by Earthly Jewels!!!!

This first giveaway is a local one only - open to anyone living in the Philippines.

- you must have an address here in the Philippines where we can send the prize.
- you must leave your email address so that we can contact you
- contest will end on Sunday, September 5 at midnight. All entries after midnight will not be included in the raffle.
- there will be one winner for this prize and will be chosen randomly.
- to qualify, you must following the instructions in the FIRST ENTRY.
- you can also do the instructions for additional entries, but only after the first entry. leave a separate comment for each additional entry you did.
- the winner will be contacted via email and will post it here as well


For your FIRST ENTRY do the following:

1. Add Earthly Jewels as your friend in facebook - click here
If you already are a friend, go on to #2

2. Browse through the photo albums and choose the item that you like the most. Leave a comment on the item saying how much you like it.

3. Leave a reply here with your NAME, EMAIL and the LINK to where you commented on our album.

myearthlyjewels @ yahoo dot com

For additional entries, you can also do the following:
Please leave a seperate comment with your name, email and what you did for every additional entry.

posted on wall - www.facebook.com/pennylynnb
myearthlyjewels @ yahoo dot com

1. LIKE us on facebook - click here (1 entry)

2. POST this giveaway on your Facebook Wall and reply here with a link where you posted it. (2 entries)
You can copy and paste this to your wall:

EARTHLY JEWELS FREE RAFFLE GIVEAWAY!!! Find out how to WIN a beaded necklace and bracelet set from Earthly Jewels - http://myearthlyjewels.blogspot.com/2010/09/first-raffle-giveaway-from-earthly.html.

3. POST this giveaway on multiply as a blog or a note and reply here with a link where you posted it. (1 entry)
You can copy and paste this to your blog or note:

EARTHLY JEWELS FREE RAFFLE GIVEAWAY!!! Find out how to win a beaded necklace and bracelet set - http://myearthlyjewels.blogspot.com/2010/09/first-raffle-giveaway-from-earthly.html.

4. Be a follower of any of my blogs - (1 entry per blog followed)


(Please leave the name you used to follow and which blog you followed per entry)

5. Tag yourself in one of the product pictures in our album. Then leave a reply here with the link to where you tagged yourself. (2 entries)

GO! GO! GO! You have until Sunday at midnight! Thanks for joining everyone!!!!

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