Sunday, April 12, 2015


I have been gone from blog world for quite a long long loooong time.I don't even know if i still remember how to blog...haha.... I guess it's just like riding a bike.

Well, i am back and am committing to this relationship again. I miss this. And i miss my shop. I have quite neglected it for months and i have decided that that is waay too long. I'm coming back and with a vengenace may i add.... I am doing some major inventory and repricing! So that should make alll my customers quite happy!

So here is what I have planned....

1 -  Unpack, inventory and reprice.

We recently moved apartments. Actually we;ve been in our new place for approximately 2 months now and i have yet to unpack everything. Most particularly my craft store inventory. So first on the list is that. Actually i have started but it is slow going. Well slow is better than not at all right?

I have started on the kawaii cabochons that i have in stock. Limited stocks.... so far these are up in my fb page.

Well now are they so cute?  And take a look at these too....

I have more in the album and more of them to upload... i will definitely go through them one at a time.

2. Project Organize

Along with the unpacking and inventory, i am trying to get organized. I guess that goes with doing inventory. I need to set up a better system. I only have a very limited amount of space to arrange my stuff. But the good thing is there is an extra room in our new apartment and i can use it for all of my stocks. All i need now is to fix it all up to make everything nice ad neat. So far everything is all stacked and thrown about nilly willy. haha so no picture for that... But wait on the "AFTER" picture.

3. New things in the shop

I have noticed other local online shops popping up for a while now and because of this sales have been slacking. So the solution... finding new ad exciting items for the online shop. I am looking at different sources from different countries. Hopefully this will help to bring in more sales.

I have more plans but i'm taking it one day at a time.... so for now, i'm sticking to those steps.

More updates soooon....

Monday, January 27, 2014

Inspiring Creativity with new components

I have a lot of ideas of what to do with these new jewelry metal components that are available in my shop....

They're a limited edition item in my shop which means they will only available while supplies last.... they're absolutely gorgeous and unique. So, grab em while they last!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Ooooh you're gonna love creating with these ring can polymer clay cabochons, resin cabochons, stone cabochons or whatever you feel like... They're listed right now in my facebook personal shop...check them out there...

I have these round ones....

I love them all and i think i want the matching charm/pendant settings for them especially the floral type settings...

And these are the oval settings mostly 18x25 inch insets....

I have them on a pre-order basis right now. Which means i don't keep them in stock. I only acquire them when somebody places an order. Sooner or later i will have a few in stock because the supplier eventually stop ordering them and they get phased out. So i wanna make sure i have a few stocked up before they phase out.

Enjoy these beauties...i know i will!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Prize Winner

My January Inventory Sale ended on the 15th and i held the end of sale raffle o the exciting!!! Here is the big prize package...

Look at all the goodies!!!! 


All that just for particiapating in my inventory sale on facebook (each person gets a raffle entry for every php500 spent during the sale period).

So on the 16th, i wrote all the raffle entries down on small sheets of paper, put it in a container, shook it and picked one from the box. 

And the winner was....

sent out the prize yesterday and my customer has informed me that she got it today! Happy day! I had fun with this raffle and hopefully it will be a monthly thing!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


It's a whole NEW YEAR!!! And I am thankful that Earthly Jewels Beads is going strong! I have so many things planned for the year and i hope most of it will materialize!!!

I've been going through shop policies and listing down things i want to add to the shop offerings. And now it's time to get things rolling. I am having a hard time getting back into the groove of things since the holiday break was so very long. But, now I finally have started posting and accepting orders again...

Here is the newest jewelry components i have added to the shop..5 new chandelier earring components...quite pretty and i think i'm going to try to make something out of these myself....

I've also changed my shipping schedule to 3 shipping days a week... tuesday, thursdays and saturdays! That way, my customers can get their items a bit sooner then the twice a week schedule. I think re-stocking day will be once a week...most likely on a Wednesday or possibly another day if my nephew is unavailable to stay with my fur-babies.

Re-stocking day is critical for my shop since i don't keep all items in stock. I am running my online shop here at home so i don't have a lot of space to keep everything i have on my online catalogs stocked on my shelves here at home. So I take orders and once or twice a week, i can fill those orders and send them out to my customers.I need to schedule these re-stocking days to keep my travel expenses accumulating these orders really helps with that..

I've also decided to keep a strict schedule on hours....most particularly for "off" days. In the past, i worked almost 24-7...answering inquiries whenever they came in whether it was 12 midnight on a sunday or 6 am on friday morning. I didn't mind it since i liked what i was doing but, it really burned me out. I think everybody needs some time away from their work whether you have your own business or if you work in a regular office job. Your body and your mind need to have a break in order to function properly. And don't forget, you need to spend time with your family and people you love....that makes all the work worth while.

I'm hoping to finally get my website fully loaded with all of my listings and start accepting orders from there. Then there is also the etsy shops....most especially my digital supplies etsy shop which to my surprise started picking up on its own when the new year came around.

Lastly, i decided i needed to spend some creative time, time to craft for myself as well. Last year, i didn't really do that much crafting because of the things that needed to be done for the shop. I think when you craft, it brings out the creative juices. It is those juices that help me to figure out what would be great products to add to the shop.

So those are some of the things i have lined up....some general thoughts and ideas for the shop..... I hope this year will be my best year yet...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Need To Organize

I know i have a lot of new things to upload to my shop but before i can do that i need to put away some of my stocks so i can actually find stuff when i send out my bills.

So these past few days are all about counting, packing, labeling and so forth...and once i finally get all my stocks put away i can whip out the new stocks and finally upload those...

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy 4th of July..Happy Independence Day....

On this special day, I have decided to re-open my Earthly Jewels Etsy shop!!!! I used to sell handmade jewelries there and for a while I did not list any new items and I let my listings expire. It has been too long and now I have decided to re-open my shop and start listing...this time my etsy shelves will be filled with all sorts of charms, beads, crafting and jewelry making supplies!!! I decided to try how it goes for a month or now, all my international customers can easily and safely shop here!!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy....

I've started with 5 charms that I have posted already in my facebook shop account. It will take a while to stock the  shelves but  I'l try to make it quick.

If you have any requests that you'd like to see listed right away, send me a message in etsy or in my email address...

Here is my first listings-

International customers from USA, Canada, Asia etc are most Welcome...Please do remember that these items will be coming from Asia (Philippines) and packages will take from 3-8 weeks depending on location.

Check out my shop here -