Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BTW...Ocean Spray Pendant

Today I'm working on a pendant which I cal Ocean Spray made of clay. It is inspired by different artists like Christie Friesen and Chris Kapono... Here, I first drew out a general idea of what I want the pendant to look like. I chose a plain grey colored clay and added the turquoise stones. The swirls remind me of the ocean and the small circles are bubbles from the spray....

I start playing with the clay and have the general look here... 

Here's the finished piece without the color. I've added more detail with the little circles and antique spacer beads... I also added the brass  hook on top to hang the pendant from...I think it might be better to add that before starting to add the details of the pendant so as not to destroy any of the forms made on the pendant. 

A closeup with the initial has taken a more involved form... 

I wanted to make some matching beads...maybe add as part of the necklace or maybe to make separate earrings for it...

Here's the completed piece....all in a day's work... You can't really see the color to well, but I finished it with Pearl-ex powder in a turquoise color. It gives it a wonderful shine. I'm still deciding if I should antique it with acrylic and maybe gloss? I'm liking it the way it is already... 

Thanks for joining me on this can check out what other btw-ers are working on by visiting the flickr group - here.

That's all for now...Have a good day!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


These are some of the pendants from my btw...I fired them up in the oven yesterday and spent today  working on "glazing" them. I tried several ways of coloring the focals which includes using TLS with oil pastels as well as using Future Polish (actually the local version we have which is Pledge Wipe & Shine) and acrylic paint.

Here are my results....I like how they turned out. I was going for a faux ceramic look...and I think, I'm almost there.  I do need a high gloss finish, however. I'm wondering what to use. The Future polish finish here was just not glossy enough to get that ceramic look. I wonder what would be a better gloss. 

These beads will eventually go into my Etsy shop (Earthly Jewels Beads) once I have coated it with a high gloss.

This leaf pendant was glazed with oil pastel mixed in  with TLS . I'm thinking it needs a bit more color...but I am liking it. It matches the colors of the current ABS jewelry challenge. Hmmm...

This set is perfect for a pair of earrings or as a smaller sized pendant. It has a sort of steampunk style because of the impressions which were made from small screws.

This is a lovely heart pendant that I first "glazed" with a purple and then sprinkled with Pearlex. It gives it a slight antiqued look.

And a series of rectangular pendants...a floral with different colors and antiqued with acrylics.....

This one I really liked because its really looking a lot like ceramics...

and so is this...very cute colors...

Finally my blue pendant...I added a metal ring on top instead of putting a hole (to hang the pendant from)...I quite like the brass ring on top. It doesn't take away any part of the design on the bead. 

I liked every one of these and plan to do them in different colors. Still searching for a good gloss for it...either that or maybe I can cover it with resin on top....I'll have to give it a try too.

Which one did you like from above? Do you think they look like they could be ceramics? (faux ceramic) Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

BTW...A Tray Full of Beads

It's kind of a day late...but I only got a chance to take a picture now. Here's what I was working on yesterday...a wonderful tray full of new bead designs. This should be fun to paint and glaze. I'm planning to work on my faux ceramics and faux raku technique with these. But...still a few more slots open for more pendants there on the right before it goes under fire (or in the oven)....

I am totally enamoured with ceramics and porcelain. I'm hoping one day I will get to take a class on it. I've researched in my area and there is one place in the University that offers it but, I'm not quite sure if it is only a summer workshop. I missed the one that started in April. I'll have to give them a call to find out when the next is. For now, I will have to use polymer clay to get the look of ceramic...which polymer clay can do really well!

Check out the flickr group to take a peek at what some great artist and crafters are working on this Wednesday... - VISIT FLICKR GROUP HERE.

That's all for now..Have a great day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pendant Swap Complete

I was excited to get my last pendant for the swap today! They're so adorable! It was my first swap ever...both to host and to participate in. Here are the goodies that I received....

There were four of us participating. So, we only had to send out 3 pendants. I decided to send out 2 per person and another participant did the same.

The first pendant I received was this really cute mermaid. It is from Ms Rachelle of Queen Accessories. Here is a link to her online shop -

The second one I received was from Ms. Manalastas. She was kind enough to include two pendants. A flower with  swirls on the petals and a pendant locket.

And the third pendant (the one that arrived today) was from Ms. Fritzie of Chinky Charms - who sent an adorable flipflop pendant.

Finally, the ones that I sent out. I am really into hand painting my beads. I decided on a stamped pendant that reminds me of an ornate sun. I highlighted the raised parts with gold to brighten up the pendant. I also made a second pendant with a heart on it and attached it to a round bezel.

 Here's a picture of the work in progress....

I formed the same stamped pendants but made them in different colors....the finished pendants.... 

I added a decorated jump ring to the so they can be worn right away. I also included a black cord necklace. Here's a closeup of the combination of pendants sent to each person....

It was quite fun making these well as receiving such cute ones too!  I hope to join and host more of these swaps. There is a group on facebook for Filipino clay artists which I just joined lately. I'm sure there will be great events there too! Can't wait.

Here's a photo Ms. Fritzie sent me of the pendants she received...

A big thank you to my swap partners! Hope you enjoyed and like the pendants that you received. Enjoy the summer!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting some work done

Finally getting some work done. Been looking after my little Charley puppy...every week he's getting his vaccines and medicated bath and every time, he seems to be lethargic. This week, though, it passed pretty quickly and he is up and about! So, the worried mommy that I am was able to relax a bit and get back to finishing some of the beads I started. Today I got to hand painting a few of them...and I liked how they turned out...

My favorite is the one most to the right...the blue one. The color is really pretty and I think if I give it a gloss, it may look like a ceramic piece. I'm thinking of giving TLS a try (transluscent liquid sculpey) for a glaze. I'll have to stop by the craft store sometime tomorrow.

I've also added a couple beads to my new Etsy bead shop 
Earthly Jewels Beads

As for the pendant swap, I'm still waiting for one more pendant to arrive via mail. It's on the way and should be here pretty soon. Once I have all of them, I'll be able to finally post pictures!!! Hopefully next time we can have more people joining. It would be exciting to have a bead soup party too just like Lori from Pretty Things hosts. She will have another party in August sometime and I am definitely signing up!!! Meanwhile I would like to have a local one too...will have to put some thought into it and maybe ask Ms. Lori for some input (I'm quite shy to ask though). 

I've  joined a local group for polymer clay enthusiasts and artist on facebook (Polymer Clay People Philippines). It just started and there's been a lot of interaction so, it's a lot of fun. It may be great to have all sorts of activities like swaps, giveaways, inspirational challenges with prizes (prizes can be donated and then the person donating can get a week exposure on the group), blog hops.... lots of potential here!

Anyway, the weather has been cooler the past few days since it has been raining here. Little Charley is really loving it and has been getting really comfortable in his crate....

Aww, what a sweetie! I love this little puppy!

That's all for now...have a great day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Beads Listed on Etsy

Alorien Pink Focal Pendant Connector 


Ornate Golden Sun in Blue

I have an introductory PROMO in my shop...BUY 3, GET 1 FREE!!! This will go on until my shop is fully stocked already. So, make sure to avail!!!

Still working on stocking up the shop, however my little puppy got another vaccine at the my focus is on him and am keeping a close eye on him again...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Beads Store on Etsy

I've been putting a lot thought about whether I should open another Etsy shop for my handmade polymer clay beads and other stones, findings and crafting supplies. Or if I should have my own website for it. Or even if I should just incorporate it in my existing Etsy.

It took some time but I finally decided to just open a separate shop. So, today, I set it all up....

I have so much to list..but, I just want to add a few listings per day until I can build it up to a fully stocked shop. I hope it all goes well...

Here's my newest....

Great Green Owl


Alorien Grey

Nessie of the North

Yugi-oh Blue
I'm thinking of sending out a few of my beads to a bead artist so they can work their magic on it and create something. I'd love to see finished pieces with my very own beads. Should I make it something like a giveaway? I've seen a couple of sites that do this. It would be great exposure as well.

Tomorrow, more beads to be listed....

That's all for now...have a great day!