Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Obsession!

I have picked up a new obsession!!! Crocheting! It's quite relaxing and I can't get enough of those beautiful yarns!

I have started on a blue and white shawl...and plan to finish it when I am away on vacation at my hubby's home town....

I've only learned recently so my treble crochets are kind still kind of uneven and messy. But everyone tells me once I get the hang of it, they tend to even out and get neater. I think its because i can't get the tension quite right and the way I hold the yarn is kind of awkward. Nevertheless, I am still enjoying my new craft. 

The yarns here are quite limited, though, as well as expensive. So I started looking up the possibilities of recycling old sweaters. We get a lot of sweaters with great yarns in our local thrift shops and so far, I have unraveled one. Let me tell you...I am loving that too!!! More pictures about this in my next blog...hubby is has the camera today.
By the way I learned how to crochet this from a wonderful post in youtube - click here. Thanks so much for this tutorial!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bazaar Fun

Although sales weren't up to par at the bazaar this year, I still had fun there with my sister and niece. Here's our setup....


Here's my sister, me and my neice (from left to right)....
I still have a lot of stocks left which i will need to take pictures of and maybe post them on etsy. Here are just some of the stocks I have left...as pendants...

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angels In Waiting...

Angel making is in full force at the moment! All my beads are out and turning quickly into angels.

Only two days left until the Christmas bazaar. Later tonight I should start packaging all my little angels waiting in their own plastic ziplocks and get them ready to shine at the Greenmeadows Bazaar.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Stars

I was so excited when I received a package in the mail last week. I quickly ripped it open, forgetting to take pictures. But, I kept the packaging so that I could go back and take pics of them after. Been so busy that I am only able to post it now....

Here are the beautiful Christmas Stars Decoration that I won from Ms. Emma of Bagladee -

What a lovely treat to get in the mail!!!!

They are gorgeous on my tree - 
Thanks so much Ms Emma!!! I love them so!

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Break from Angel Making

I took a short break from making my beaded angels for my bazaar. I had some yarn laying around so I decided to try crocheting again. Its been ages since I crocheted but with the help of this great video tutorial from Ms. Connie of easyvideocrochet.blogspot.com I was able to whip up a couple of these cute floral coasters.

Here's my version of the Springtime Coasters...

Thanks so much Ms. Connie!

Ok back to making angels....tomorrow I'll show you all the ones I made today!

Sorry I've been soo busy that I haven't been able to do any feature Fridays for December. I will resume the feature and the giveaways in January!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Angel Frenzy

This weekend I was in an angel making frenzy!!! I made some samples using different bead types.
These are my dancing angels - 

Crystal Angels - 
 With 2 skirt layers - 
 With 3 skirt layers - 

Teardrop Crystal Angels

Frosted Floral Angels - 

Murano Glass Angels -  

Cloisonne Angels -  

Fiesta Angels - 

I really want to add Pearl angels, Stone Angels and some other cutey beads I have. After making the samples, I need to make duplicates of each. Then take pictures to make a catalog. Hopefully I can finish everything in time for the bazaar in 2 weeks!

I better get back to angel making....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

From Messy Workspace to Millefiori Angels


I started out with a messy workspace...actually, I tidied up a lot before I took the picture. Lined up the materials for my Millefiori Angels and got a production line going...soon I had these....

and these....

And, I even came up with a cute stand for them...

Angel making is quite relaxing...now, I need to think of names for them....