Sunday, April 12, 2015


I have been gone from blog world for quite a long long loooong time.I don't even know if i still remember how to blog...haha.... I guess it's just like riding a bike.

Well, i am back and am committing to this relationship again. I miss this. And i miss my shop. I have quite neglected it for months and i have decided that that is waay too long. I'm coming back and with a vengenace may i add.... I am doing some major inventory and repricing! So that should make alll my customers quite happy!

So here is what I have planned....

1 -  Unpack, inventory and reprice.

We recently moved apartments. Actually we;ve been in our new place for approximately 2 months now and i have yet to unpack everything. Most particularly my craft store inventory. So first on the list is that. Actually i have started but it is slow going. Well slow is better than not at all right?

I have started on the kawaii cabochons that i have in stock. Limited stocks.... so far these are up in my fb page.

Well now are they so cute?  And take a look at these too....

I have more in the album and more of them to upload... i will definitely go through them one at a time.

2. Project Organize

Along with the unpacking and inventory, i am trying to get organized. I guess that goes with doing inventory. I need to set up a better system. I only have a very limited amount of space to arrange my stuff. But the good thing is there is an extra room in our new apartment and i can use it for all of my stocks. All i need now is to fix it all up to make everything nice ad neat. So far everything is all stacked and thrown about nilly willy. haha so no picture for that... But wait on the "AFTER" picture.

3. New things in the shop

I have noticed other local online shops popping up for a while now and because of this sales have been slacking. So the solution... finding new ad exciting items for the online shop. I am looking at different sources from different countries. Hopefully this will help to bring in more sales.

I have more plans but i'm taking it one day at a time.... so for now, i'm sticking to those steps.

More updates soooon....