Friday, December 14, 2018

Back on Board

It has been a looong while once again but here I am back on this blog and back on to all things crafty. Last weekend i somehow stumbled back on to this block and scrolled all the way back to the beginning. I realized how much i had on here and it's kind of nice to see all the phases that i went through all through out the years. What a shame to drop everything and forget about this blog, especially now that i have picked up some interests again and am hoping to do more in the next year coming.

I know I've gone through so many different crafts and maybe this is really where my passion lies. I've always dreamed of having a little shop of crafts... supplying everyone with the cutests beads and materials, having workshops. I remember that one inspiration I had, that shop online, i think she lived somewhere in England or something. The shop was Paper and String. I know she started as a little business from just out of her home and i believe now she has this huge warehouse and an great online shop. Well, that's what I want. I had a nice little shop going a few years ago. I was supplying lots of crafting material, people ordering from me online. It was fun keeping inventory and shopping for new stock. I liked it. Unfortunately, things slowed down and I stopped for a while.

At this point, i think things are changing for me. I'm hoping one day I can open shop here where I am right now. I don't need really a physical shop but i think having an online shop here would be pretty profitable. I still have some of my materials and stocks and that could be a start. I have lots of places where i can order new supplies from and so I can definitely keep it going.

Well, i guess that will be one of my goals in the new year 2019. i have also restarted my jewelry business. This time I am planning on designing a few things that can be "repeated" and reordered and that way maybe i can supply to boutiques or small shops or maybe eventually to bigger shops.

I have my ETSY shop back online and it is filled with the jewelry I created. It definitely took some time to post but now it's fully stocked at about 107 listings. (and counting)

Here are some of my new ones....

So I am just rambling on and just putting my thoughts to paper. And I think from now I really should do that more. See you sooner!

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