Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Obsession!

I have picked up a new obsession!!! Crocheting! It's quite relaxing and I can't get enough of those beautiful yarns!

I have started on a blue and white shawl...and plan to finish it when I am away on vacation at my hubby's home town....

I've only learned recently so my treble crochets are kind still kind of uneven and messy. But everyone tells me once I get the hang of it, they tend to even out and get neater. I think its because i can't get the tension quite right and the way I hold the yarn is kind of awkward. Nevertheless, I am still enjoying my new craft. 

The yarns here are quite limited, though, as well as expensive. So I started looking up the possibilities of recycling old sweaters. We get a lot of sweaters with great yarns in our local thrift shops and so far, I have unraveled one. Let me tell you...I am loving that too!!! More pictures about this in my next blog...hubby is has the camera today.
By the way I learned how to crochet this from a wonderful post in youtube - click here. Thanks so much for this tutorial!!!

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