Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting to know me...

I recently joined a local Polymer clay guild. It is a brand new group and things are still being set up. One of our "assignments" for the group is to come up with a little introduction about ourselves (like an artist statement) and to give 3 photos that is representative of our work.

So, I was quite busy with it since the deadline is today.... I decided to post my little introduction here on my blog (along with my pictures) just so you guys can learn a little about me as well....

So here goes....

Hi...I'm Penny. I am married to a wonderful husband of 7 years. We don't have kids yet, but  we pray everyday for that blessing. We do have a very sweet little puppy who right now, I shower all my love to.  I used to be an instructor in computers, then a call center agent...and then a nurse.  I never really found something that I wanted to stick to and so I resigned. My husband thought it would be better if I could stay home and my develop my own business (and it may also give us better chances of having a baby). So, I am lucky enough to work at home and develop my craft in hopes that some day I can make a living from something that I truly love....that is, art and crafting.

As I am new to polymer clay, my creative expressions revolve around exploration and experimentation. I have not come up with a particular style that I can call my own,  however, I am quickly discovering that I love both sides of the artistic spectrum..from subjects in nature and reality that are bright and full of color to rustic, deep, dark mysteries of the abstract and fantasy.  I love the potential that polymer clay allows especially when  incorporating embellishments (such as stones, small nick nacks, etc) and its quality that it can imitate other media.  It is these properties of polymer clay that first attracted me. I have wanted to work with earth clay  and ceramics for a while now but since I didn't have a kiln, I searched for an alternative. I found the magnificent possibilities in polymer clay and jumped right in. I have no formal training and learn most techniques online or through the many trials and errors of experimentation (just these past two months).  

I have been a long time crafter starting (and especially) with beading and making handmade jewelry. With the ease of aquiring materials here locally, handmade jewelry has become common place.  I wanted to raise the bar on my own creations and this is when I found the Art Bead Scene blog. This taught me that I can actually make my own beads and focals for my jewelry and to make it... "artist quality" or as they call it an "Art Bead". I realized that jewelry and beads can be a creation that is unique, one of a actual piece of art. 

Thus, I am hooked!!!

I know  I have a long way to go but for sure, I am enjoying the journey!

That's me!!! Nice to meet you :-)

I know I promised a giveaway soon and that's still in the works...I just wanted to finish uploading my new beads first on my etsy maybe another day or two...

That's all for now... Have a great day!

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  1. You really have beautiful work Penny! Nice meeting you too! :-)


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