Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Crafty Supplies for the New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I've started stocking up the online shop with new and oh so cute crafty supplies. Right now, I'm concentrating on having a complete line of jewelry making supplies, which will include special kits with tutorials.  Once I complete that then I can expand and have other supplies for clay and felt crafts...

Actually sooo many ideas for the shop this year and I hope to reveal them all here in my blog as I go along with it. I'm trying to really get serious about this home based business which means getting strict on the record keeping. So far, I've managed to write up some plans and am doing a pretty good job writing all the expenses down. I have also set up my craft room...although, its still quite a mess in there. I do need a few more cabinets for organization, some small tables and nice comfy chair to complete the setup. But, so far its usable and it gives me a separate space to do my work in. (Pictures of the craft room to follow!)

So, today, I wanted to share a few new supplies that are available and have been posted. I won't be posting it on my etsy since I don't want to have to pay for the listings. But, they are available on my FB page. If you are interested to buy, just send me a list and I will bill via paypal!!!

Lots of nice settings....perfect to make your own pendants from polymer clay.... 

You can check all of these out at my FB account - The albums should be viewable becasue i have them as public...but do add me up to keep updated -

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  1. These bezels are beautiful and great for polymer clay! Thanks for sharing!


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