Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Colors of the Sun...My Hand painted Silk Scarf

On to my second scarf experiment. I didn't have the proper dyes or paints that is really used for silk painting because it is not available here where I live...or at least I haven't found a supplier for it. So instead I used regular fabric paint..which I think is thicker...and doesn't seem to move through the fabric like the dyes I've seen people using.

Still...I a loving how it turned out. First I thought I'd give this technique a try...where you just crumple the fabric in all sorts of directions...add paint all over and then add salt...

I let it sit for a while under the sun and then i unwrap and see what magic has happened...

Lots of textures and interesting shapes formed...although...I didn't like how the colors looked too pale....So i use the shapes to guide me where to draw in flowers....so more color is added....

The end result looks much brighter and happier...it is still hanging up drying so i will post the final results tomorrow,,,

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