Thursday, November 19, 2015

One of my most favorite dichroic patterned glass is the Florentine dichro. It has a gorgeous shimmery essence to it. The flowers are beautiful and when the light hits it, it just bursts with all sorts of sparkle. The best part of creating with this glass is mixing and matching with other transparent and solid glass.

This one is the simplest...florentine on a black backing. Black always brings out so much when using it with dichro..everything is so intense. 

I named this piece MIDNIGHT FLORENTINE. This one will be available very soon on my ZALORA shop page. Yup I became part of Zalora as a seller. But I am still waiting for my boutique page to go live. It should be any day now...

So, you can check out soon. This one is php1,480..including free shipping!!!

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