Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am wondering if I should create a new multiply account for  my felt products. I have been selling handmade accessories online at multiply for a couple of years now under the website. Once in a while, I do add other craft products I make other than jewelry.

With this new craft interest, that being felt creations,  I am trying to decide whether I should combine it with my accessories & jewelry line. The nice thing about using the Earthly Jewels website would be that it already has its network of customers already set up. Although, I am looking against combining because I do prefer having a cohesive shop where everything being sold in it would be made from felt. It leaves more of an imprint on the mind if the the shop is consistent and interrelated.

So, what would be a good name? I wanted to keep Earthly Jewels somehow in it. Or maybe Earthly Jewels could be the overall brand. I was thinking of Earthly Jewels, "Felt Creations". It does, however, seem like such a common name.

I'll be working on a few items for the rest of the week. I have already drawn up patterns, traced the pieces onto several felt colors I have and cut them out. Next step is the stitching. I plan to draw up a few more patterns and trace them onto felt before I start stitching. Since it gets very hot in our apartment at home towards late afternoon, I usually go out and stay in a coffee shop nearby to my husband's work. I'll be bringing these felt pieces that I have cut out and stitch them there. Its easy enough to carry the pieces with me along with the embroidery thread I'll be using for the stitching.

One of the patterns that I cut out is my Earthbound Alien, Myew Kyu. Here's what they look like when finished:
 Working on the other colors now. I definitely need to buy more of those beautiful buttons for their eyes!

The other design i am working for the opening of the felt creations shop are the owls. I think owls are pretty cute with their big round eyes.

I haven't decided what the final product will be...if it should be for a keychain, an ornament or bag charm. It will be easy enough to customize it depending on what the customer wants.

I have a list of other stuff to work on like cupcakes, mushrooms, animal friends etc etc. I just don't know which ones to do first. I should have a few more before launching the shop. Hopefully I will have that done by the first week of September. Good luck to me :-)

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  1. How about Earthly Jewels' Felt Cuties? :D haha.. just a thought! :))


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