Friday, May 4, 2012

Digital Collage Test Prints

Yesterday I decided to do some test printing for my new digital collage sheets...

I wanted to try what they would look like in settings and I really looove how they came out....and im thinking of going ahead with a resin pour...

 This setting was a little smaller so i had to cut the image down slightly so it would fit...but it still works nicely

I really do like the 5x7 format since you can print out 2 5x7's on a letter size sheet...very economical. They're also cheaper to print out in photo printing shops compared to the larger 8x10 sheet. Less wasted space as well.  So from now all my sheets will be 5x7's .

I notice though that a lot of people create their sheets in 4x6 inch sizes. You can't fit much in that i wasn't so sure what the pluses for that size is...i have yet to research.

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