Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Bead Soup Partner Got the Package Reveal

I was so happy to get a message from my bead partner Noemi that she got the bead soup I sent her. I can finally post what I sent here on my website. I sent out the beads on August 18th and it finally arrived in Spain September 5th. The Bead Soup Party is on September 17th, so I hope that gives Noemi enough time to create.

Here are the ingredients for the bead soup that I sent...

I noticed that my partner uses a lot of silver in her jewelry..so I decided to give something a little different. I decided on a "Vintage Garden Theme" with a mixture of gold, purples, mauves and greens.

We had to send 1- a Focal .... I created this pendant with heart filigree and I sculpted little polymer clay flowers...

We also had to send a special clasp. So I made a one of a kind toggle clasp using polymer clay too!

This is how you close the clasp.

I really liked how they turned out..and was dreading parting with them. But, I knew they were going to a wonderful Jewelry Designer in Spain.. so off in the mail they went.

I also sent a few coordinating beads..some mother of pearls, crystals and butterfly charms.

I'm so excited to see Noemi's finished piece. It's quite exciting to know that the art beads I created will be used by another jewelry designer.  And I really really enjoyed coming up with the bead soup. I'm thinking of making more soup ingredients and offering it for sale in my Etsy Bead Shop. It would be awesome to see what wonderful creations people come up with from a ready made kit of beads.

Thanks Lori...I'm already having so much fun. And I know any day now, my partner's soup will arrive...and it will be time for me to create too! Make sure to stop by here on September 17th for the Bead Soup Party!

That's all for now! Have a great day!

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