Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Classic Styles Never Grow Old

I have been on a fused glass "kick" lately but once in a while I still like to create that classic beaded bracelet... I never get tired of making them and the simplicity of beads strung up into a pretty wearable piece never get old.

I have always loved the feel of stone...and I believe in the vibrations that they have and emit. For example...

This is a Lepidolite Memory wire bracelet strung up with german crystals. It has metaphysical properties that bring about a calming and balancing effect, dispels stress, negativity and depression. It is great for recalling dreams when placed nearby when you sleep. Best of all, it brings good luck, success in business in career.

So as you can guess, I made an extra one for me to wear everyday. And i must say, it has brought about good mood and good vibrations. I don't know if it something that I myself have brought about because i believe or is it really the properties of the stone...Never the less, I love how it looks worn so, I am keeping mine on for sure....

I have more available in my shop so if you want one, message me on my facebook page....here's what it looks like...  Oh and it is on FREE SHIPPING right now!!!

SKU - BRL03-201510NC0003


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