Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I haven't been crafting the past few weeks. Not because I am without inspiration...but because I need to pack all my supplies and tools away. My hubby and I found an apartment to move to and have slowly been bringing our things a little at a time to our new place, carefully arranging things as we bring in box per box.

I am excited for the final move...which is this coming weekend. But, I still have tons to pack so I really have to get moving!!!! Hopefully I can get back into my craftiness after that.

Of course, there is still the matter of getting my craft area set up. I claimed the extra room as my craft area and started loading all my beads on the shelves. I'll definitely need a couple book shelves and I plan to get my supplies more organized.

In the meantime, I am enjoying finding stuff that were previoiusly hidden away, like my latch hook WIPs and hidden stashes of cloth. But most of all, I was delighted to find my rock collection. I have been collecting pretty rocks the past few years from beaches I frequent during summer times here in the Philippines (like Puerto Gallera).

These ones were from my most recent trip to Puerto Gallera in Mindoro, Philippines. Here they are all dry and unpolished. I picked out a few to highlight.

I washed them off and took a picture of them wet so you can get an idea what they would look like once they are hand polished.

Closeups (click on the pictures for an even closer zoom) - 

See the amazing white stone that's shaped like a tooth? It was naturally shaped by mother nature!

Do any of you out there know how I can identify if any of these are semiprecious stones?

 I can't wait to get started on these beauties! Dreaming of crafty days....


  1. Ugh. I just moved this past weekend, and it's terrible! It sounds a little better to move bit by bit, but I'm sure you must be getting anxious to have it over with so you can get settled. It is exciting to move to a new home!

    Also, those rocks are AMAZING. I think even just the photos of them the way you laid them out look gorgeous. It would make a lovely print. I especially love the first photo with the black background.

  2. Oh, I have no idea about identifying stones, but that sort of sounds like a fun thing to do and learn about. Good luck!

  3. I used to collect stones when I was young. I didn't go as far as identifying them, but I thought they were little treasures as they were so pretty =)

    Can't wait to see pics of the new place!

  4. Hmmm, I never thought about the pics as prints...but now that you mention it, Ms Diana, maybe I will try to blow one of them up and frame it!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. @petitecarousel...i never outgrew the rock collecting. The rocks in the beach I go to are really amazing! They are perfectly shaped for jewelry (pendants in particular) already. I look forward every year to going to the beach.

    I try to get my hubby to carry all of my treasures back. And he always ends up laughing at how much I have collected.


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