Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After the Hiatus....Truffles and Angels...

After a long haitus, I finally started crafting again. I've been so busy with our move that everything else has taken a back seat. Now, that things are fairly in order at our home, I can start thinking about crafting again.

My sister and I recently signed up for a Christmas bazaar and I've been consumed by thoughts of what to sell... I have two things in mind. First, I plan to sell my homemade chocolate truffles & fudge

I have 3 flavors so far...the classic truffles

Peanut butter Truffles 

and Oreo Cheesecake Truffles

I want to add more flavors but, these are my main or regular flavors. I'm thinking of adding coconut truffles, hazelnut or almond truffles, caramel truffles, liquor truffles....the list goes on....

I need to work on the packaging still. I have yet to design a logo and name for them so I can start making the calling cards and stickers. I plan to package them in the tins cans as pictured for the 24 and 30 piece packages and include a pretty ribbon too. 

Oh what do you think of the name...Truffles from Heaven???

Second idea....Beaded Angels!
I'm still working on the final design....but here are some ideas that I've been playing around with.

Here they are:
Earthly Jewels' Guardian Angles 

The Wire Angel

Here she is with her wings all spread out
After taking the picture, I just realized she needed praying hands...so I tweaked the design a bit, took one of the wing wires on each side and twisted it into hands that are praying...

The Beaded Angel

Still working on this one too. Perhaps make the wings a bit bigger and more ornate? I really wasn't so sure about the halo as well???

I want to sell both the chocolates and the angels...but I wonder if I can still create a booth that looks cohesive.  I also wonder if I can somehow get them "blessed". Do the churches accept requests for blessings with holy water and a prayer...anybody know?

At any rate, I only have a couple of weeks to whip out more of these beauties. Today, I'm off to find some more suitable materials....


  1. Oreo cheesecake truffles sound amazing! Definitely a good idea for a Christmas Bazaar, I like those little tins too, cute.

  2. I love the angels! You have a beautiful blog!!

    I found you through the etsy forums, I am a new follower :)

    In the Hammock Vintage

  3. oh my gosh, truffles!! i like the name too =))


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