Friday, November 5, 2010

What Better Inspiration?

Here's a little fact about me...I am a notebook buyer! I have many many notebooks in my apartment. Some of them empty, some of them half filled and others even, full! I love buying any notebooks and better yet pretty and interesting journals.

Ever since I was young, I loved to keep diaries. I would write in it everyday, every little detail of my life. Sometimes, I write about my secret crush other times, I get inspired to write poetry or do a little drawing or insert a special keepsake. I used lined notebooks and sometimes those diaries with cute little locks. Nowadays, I still do enjoy writing...its so easy to write a thought or two online (in my blog) but other times  I still love the traditional way of pen and paper.

This week's feature Friday is about journals. I found a wonderful Etsy artist that creates the prettiest journals. So, come and take a look at our guest artist this Friday :

Here is

The wonderful journals of Kreativlink are created by Renate Ikinger. She was born, raised and is  currently living in Austria. She initially started working as a self employed web designer/programmer but dropped most of the virtual work to become a full time crafter! 

Renate talks about her creative process in her etsy profile...

"I often think about times long gone. When life was full of secrets and mysteries and magic. And I imagine the people, what they did and what they thought about life. And then – now I reveal a big secret – I make books for them. Yep. Now it’s said. My ancient books are for the ancient people. But as long as time travels are not possible, I’ll continue to sell them to you, modern people. No problem …"

Oh, what a wonderful statement...and what a wonderful inspiration! 

Renate takes special care making each of her journals by hand, ripping the papers herself and sewing them together too. Her journals are made of fabric and leather, carefully sewn together using her sewing machine (called Diva). She has different hand painted designs like the fairy tree above. But her prints have a wide range from cutesy...


to steampunk...

and beautiful fabric prints...

Etsy Shop (English) -

So many designs to choose from so, check out her shop and you'll be sure to find one that suits your style. I already have a favorite myself which I will put on my Christmas Wish List! By the end of the year...I plan to get one of those beauties as I'm sure writing in it will bring me a lot of inspiration!!!!

Happy Feature Friday!


  1. I found your blog form the Etsy forums, and it's as if I wrote this post myself. I started journaling to justify buying all those pretty blank books! Thanks for sharing Kreativlink's shop - now I have a new source for beautiful journals.

  2. Thanks for dropping by anne! Its nice to meet a fellow journal lover!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this lovely feature! Makes me all happy and proud! :)

  4. Wonderful feature ! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Beautiful! I think my favorites are "Time Flies" and the "Golden Leaves".

  6. I love journals too! I bought these vintage leather journals from Italy, and I still couldn't bring myself to use them :(


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