Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Floral Cabochon Now Painted

I made this floral cabochon last week using a fleshy colored polymer clay....

And over the weekend, I painted it using acrylics and sealed it with 2 layers of resin varnish....
here's the finished piece

I like how it turned out...(even though the picture is terrible..really bad lighting)... I wanted to give it like a porcelain look...what do you think?
This will be going in the shop by the end of the week - earthlyjewels.webs.com

I've been pondering if I should open a second etsy store for the beads that I am making. I've heard different things about having 2 stores to take care of. I'm not really sure if I can handle two but, I don't think it would go nicely in my present etsy shop...hmmm.... i'll have to do more research on other people's experiences....

That's all for now...Have a great day!

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