Friday, April 1, 2011

Intricate Clay Beads

Check out my newest bead sets!!! I made them from Polymer clay and got the inspiration from Christi Friesen's Peppermint twist (tutorial). I'm really happy with how they came out....actually I made 5 different sets but I decided to keep a set for my very own....Here's the one I picked out for myself....

I have yet to give the collection a name.... I was thinking something about magical vines...or maybe dragons? Any good ideas out there?  I should have these bead sets up for sale at my own site (which I actually have not been working on lately)... Here's a closer look of each...
A green set...the small is a charm that has a hole on the top part...the bigger piece is a cabochon with a mother of pearl embedded in it.
Violet-pink mix..2 bead set a cabochon with a clear glass bead embedded and a cylindrical matching bead.
Copper and Turquoise set.... a focal bead with a hole on the top part and 2 turquoise beads embedded and a matching cylindrical bead.
And lastly, a Pink Gold 3 piece set....another favorite of mine. The focal has 2 holes on each end and a mustard colored mother of pearl embedded. 

I so love how these came out and am tempted to keep all for myself.... I will definitely have to make more!!!

That's all for now...Have a great Friday!


  1. oh wow!! these look really gorgeous! like something out of some fantasy sci fi movie. i also love your use of colors. beautiful work!

  2. Oh you have a gift my dear these are awesome!


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