Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kokeshi Digital Dolls

I thought I'd come up with my own Kokeshi Digital Doll Collection...I worked on my first one all day. I decided to come up first with one face and have several different hairstyles and outfits for that one face.

I named my first "doll face"... ELLIE.

Inspiration for ELLIE started from doodles...actually a doodle of an eye...

Then her body is formed...

And after playing hairstylist and fashion consultant...I came up with my first dolls...The ELLIE COLLECTION.
Oh how I adore them! 

Each one has a first name and Ellie is the family name!
Ellie-Miu, Ellie-Mai, Ellie-Aya, 
Ellie-Shiori, Ellie-Chie, Ellie-Kei

Each name has a meaning...
Miu means "beauty" and "feather"
Mai means "dance"
Aya means  "colorful"
Shiori means "poem" and "weave"
Chie means "wisdom"
Kei means ""blessed lucky" and "happy"

Sooo much fun. I'm planning to make pendants from and also make them available in digital collages!

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  1. you're one gifted artist. they are all sooo cute. you should make them in polymer clay too. love their names as well.


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