Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heart Necklaces

I've been thinking of taking new product shots of my Charm Necklaces. Perhaps I can have a photo shoot with a model. I've seen many photos that have a vintage romantic feel to it and that's what I want! I can start off with the heart necklaces that I have available...definitely vintage and romantic...maybe in the next few weeks...that is, if I can find a willing model.

For now, I leave you with the heart necklaces from my Etsy shop - Earthlyjewels...

 My Intricate Heart (Antique finish, brass lacy filigree heart charm necklace)

The Walk to Netherfields (Antique finish, brass lacy filigree heart charm necklace with crystal)

Love Birds (Brass Vintage Love Birds Charm Necklace)

Pure At Heart (White Heart with Butterfly Cloisonne Charm Necklace)

Heart Full of Love (Intricate Vintage Heart Filigree with Crystal and Pearl Accents)

Salomes Locket (Vintage Heart Filigree Locket)

Secretly In Love (Antique Gold Finish Black Heart Charm Necklace)

Young At Heart (Vintage Heart Filigree Charm Necklace)

My Fancy Heart (Antique finish, brass lacy filigree heart charm necklace)

They're all actually on sale at my etsy shop...check them out here - Go to Earthly Jewels Etsy Shop

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