Thursday, February 9, 2012

January Guild Challenge - APATCHIES

We just completed our 1st guild assignment for the year...the APATCHIES INCHIES CHALLENGE. We were to make 4 pieces of 1 inch square pieces of art that expressed ourselves. I had quite a difficult time getting started...for some reason inspiration to clay was just not there. But yesterday, I made myself sit down and put my hands to work.... and this is what I came up with...

Inchies #1
Pink & Purple Applique Style...

Most people that have seen my work will take a look at this inchie and recognize my typical favorite polymer clay style...I really enjoy making these type of polymer clay appliques popularized by a wonderful artist...Jennifer Morris. And of course...they're done in my favorite shades...pinks, purples and lavender!!!

Inchies #2
The Butterfly in the Garden
This inchie really shows something about me particularly for this year! I've been reading my new "Fortune & Feng Shui" Book and it says that Year of the Water dragon 2012 brings a lot of challenges and it will be a "transformational" year. I look forward to this transformation and am definitely going to face it "head on" because although there may be challenges, I am determined to emerge as a butterfly.

Inchie #3
Kaleidescope of Me
For this one, I thought a great way to express myself  in a single inch is by making a kaleidoscope cane from all of old canes that I have made. Each cane I created previously is already an expression of things and colors I since I have long been wanting to try to make a Kaleidoscope cane...this was my chance!

Learning Faux Cloisonne
This inchie shows my excitement to learn new techniques and experimenting. I've always loved cloissone...and with polymer clay it's possible to do some experimenting. Let me tell you, I'm definitely loving this technique and you'll be seeing more of this in my sites!

So those are my inchies...and i just wanted to show some steps i took to make them...


Inchie #3



  1. they are all very pretty, penny! =)

  2. Wow thanks for reading and commenting Ghie!!!


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