Friday, February 17, 2012

New Filigrees and Metal Charms for the Shop

I spent the day organizing at home and i have quite a few things to add to the shop... first i have a bunch of filigres, some I've already posted and others I have yet to post...
I've also stocked up on these glue on bails that are so useful... 

I also have my first Bead Soup Mix posted in the shop...
I'll write more on this on my next post. 
I also have a bunch of metal charms I have yet to post but don't have a collective picture for those will have to be a surprise.

Anyways, been so busy lately but happily so since I love what I do. I finished the resin directions that will accompany the kit and I came up with an idea of what I want to do for the next challenge at my local guild (this one I am quite excited about!!!) and should get started on this right away!

Lastly I'm planning to start listing items in my earthly jewels etsy shop again. It's been a while and I miss it so, hopefully i can get that started again.

So, I'm off to my daily duties! Have a great day!

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  1. wow! so many new stuff dont know which one to choose again lol=)


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