Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Ring Settings

Happy Leap Day!!! I have re-stocked the shop with new ring settings yet again!!! Take a looksie...

Leap day also signals the end of the month of February! I'm planning to spend part of my day writing up a list of things to accomplish for March. My shop offers a lot of settings for rings, bangles, earrings and pendant blanks...that I'd like to think its becoming a "specialty" so, one of my goals is to offer  an even wider selection. I know some of my settings have become unavailable and I'm looking to have them re-made so that they are more readily available to my customers.

Secondly, I'm hoping to get started on my kits...I plan to work on my basic beading kit. The actual items for the kit are no problems and that's quite easy to get together but, what I really need to start on is the actual tutorial. I need to start on that ASAP!!! Along with the basic beading, I also need to work on my scrabble pendant and domino pendant kits. I'm quite happy that I finally got my resin posted and the natural progression for this are the domino/scrabble kits. 

And last, I need to start posting more stones. I love rocks, stones etc. and I have a nice collection. I'm always having second thoughts of posting them and making them available for sale since I love them..but I think I should stop hoarding and start putting them out there so they can become part of somebody's beautiful creations! So... here's a preview of what's to come...

Oh its so hard to part with my stones...they're all just soo pretty. Well, let's see how it goes....That's all for now!

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