Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making one of a kind pieces from push molds

You would think if you used push molds, all your items would look the same. Actually there's a lot you can do to items that were initally created from a push mold. You can customize and add your own special techniques, just like what my customer did in her creations.

Here is a beautiful necklace created by Maricel of Ice Clay Creations. It is from her Sweet Garden Collection..
Sweet Garden Neck Piece 01 is available on her FB page - here.

And here is another one of a kind necklaces she created and set in Setting28 she bought from the shop (see the setting here)...
Sweet Garden Neck Piece 03 is available on her FB page - here.

I really love her jewelry style..its so fresh and feminine! It really has a garden, spring feel to it!

She used the flower mold B1M20, available in the online shop and pictured below -
This push mold is available on my FB site - here.

Have you given push molds a try?

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