Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo Sampling

I made a few charm bracelets to post for my opening today in Etsy. I tried out the pictures this morning but think I really have to set up better lighting. I need to work on one of those light tents too. The product pictures are so important especially for online shops. That's all the customer has to decide whether or not they will end up buying the item.

Here is the raw photo I shot:

A little on the dark side, huh? I only have one fluorescent spot light on the right. While I still don't have my photo station set up, I guess I will have to tweak this one a bit to brighten it up. How's this?
More enticing, right? I prefer, though, to get rid of the shadows completely.... I also need a closeup shot, an action shot and maybe another in a more romantic setting. 

I call this charm bracelet, Charmed Hearts on Fire. Five beautiful vintage looking heart charms hang on this red chunky bracelet. It is also packed with glass beads, coated pearls and four red and white lamp work beads. This romantic piece of jewelry makes you feel feminine and beautiful. It comes as a set with earrings. Please visit my etsy shop  - EARTHLY JEWELS ONLINE ON ETSY

Back to taking pictures....

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