Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rainy Day

Today is another rainy day. I've been busy adding items to my etsy shop and haven't been able to blog. Right now the shop is starting to fill up but I am still awaiting my first sale. I've read that it does take a while to get started especially for the jewelry category since there are so many talented jewelry artisans out there. Still, I'm hoping to get a little piece of the pie.

Hopefully it will start to pick before the Christmas shopping rush. I never knew what it takes to have an online shop. It's only now that I am learning that you really need to balance your time between making your products, taking pictures, working on the computer and going out to get inspiration for your creations. Sometimes when I am sitting at my computer, I don't realize that my whole day is already spent. I do like to make my "To Do" list for the week but often forget to look back at the list. I ought to have a big post it board and write it out there so I can have it more visible.

My latest listings on etsy were my wire twist beaded cluster pendants. I never know what people call these style of pendant so, I made my own category. 

These pendants are handmade and one of a kind. When I make them, I add a bead at a time to a long piece of wire then twist and wrap until it forms a pretty shape. I allow the shape of the beads and twists of the wire to dictate the shape of the final piece. That's why there will never be two pendants that are exactly the same.

These pendants are wonderful as gifts to a friend, loved one or just for yourself. Each one comes with a ball chain but you can upgrade it to a sterling silver chain and specify the length of the chain you would like (up to 26 inches maximum). They are packaged in a beautiful gift box with a ribbon to top it.

Wear these jewelry with any outfit from a simple white or black shirt or it can also be worn with your most elegant cocktail dresses. Many brides ask for custom made pendants that match with their wedding color theme and gift them to their bridesmaids and guests of honor (sponsors). I can work with you to come up with a custom item for your needs, specifying colors, beads used, final size and approximate shape of your  special pendant. 

This style can also be made into other types of jewelries and accessories like earrings, rings, key fobs, zipper pull and bag charms and so much more.

So, drop by my etsy shop. I am anxiously awaiting my first sale...and I promise you, special surprises await my very first customer!!!

In the meantime, I'm trying to think of ways to brighten this rainy day...perhaps my first giveaway???? Yes that sounds good...come back later today or tomorrow!!!

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