Sunday, October 24, 2010

Preparing raffle entries

I was quite excited to see a few more people entering my raffle. There's still about 8 days to go and so far I have already 61 comments.

So, today, I decided to go through the comments and list them out on excel for valid entries. Some of the comments there are considered as two if you follow my blog and posting the giveaway on your fb status. Those automatically are considered as two entries each. However, sometimes, people just leave one comment. So I went through each one and listed the name on one column (of excel) and on the next column, what the entry is for. If it is for a double entry, I list the name twice.

With this list, its actually easier to see the entries properly. Once I get the random number from the generator, I can go to the row number and see who the winner is. However, before I declare the winner, I would check if it is an actual valid entry. For example, if it says that they are a FB friend, I'd go and check it. If it is in fact valid, then a winner will be declared. If it is not, I would generate a new number until there is a valid entry.

I'm quite excited about this raffle...since it is my first one. Here's what my list looks like so far

There are 64 total entries so far!!!! If you haven't joined here and join right away!!!


  1. 5 days to far i now have 114 raffle entries!!!! how exciting!!! Keep posting your entries everybody!

  2. latest entry count as of now is 125 raffle entries!!! 3 days left to enter!!!!


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