Monday, October 18, 2010

New Apartment Found...Free Shipping to Celebrate

I had a great weekend! Most especially because my hubby and I finally found a new apartment to move to. It is a small apartment with two bedrooms. I called dibs on the smaller bedroom to be my craft room! Soo, this week, I will be busy packing, organizing and purging! I actually have some clothes that I need to sort through. Perhaps I can have a garage sale! Here's a picture of what will be our master bedroom...pretty light coming in from the windows:

We love going on mini road trips on weekends...which I call Trip-lets....This weekend we went to Clark.What a beautiful place to just go and have a nice meal. We went to Cafe mesa....

It is a homey cafe where you can eat indoors or al fresco in a pretty garden.

Ahh...relaxing! This leaves me in a great mood. So, I decided to pour some good tidings and happy feelings into my Etsy shop and give FREE SHIPPING for my charm bracelet sets for the matter where you are in the world!!!

Do stop by in my etsy shop and check them out here - CHARM BRACELET SETS.

By the way, my contest is still ongoing...I will write up a summary of current entries. Remember, I tally up entries on the comments of the blog entry so, make sure to leave the extra comments for the additional entries!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thanks melody! I'm pretty excited to move in. We will be bringing in stuff slowly starting on the 21st. And the big move will be Nov 6th! I can't wait to set up my craft room!


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