Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shopping Day

Yesterday I went to my favorite bead place and stocked up on supplies. I love shopping for beads. I can spend hours and hours just looking. I wanted to put everything in my basket but in the end, I am trying out a new material (bead) called Mother of Pearl.

Oval shaped mother of pearl beads-

Mother of Pearl, also called Nacre, is the pearly internal layer of certain mollusk shells. Its the same material pearls are made of. These are some of the ones I bought. They are dyed to different colors. I got some in different shapes and sizes. I think the pearlescent sheen would really be wonderful in jewelry.

Coin shaped mother of pearl beads -

Going on a bead shopping trip always gets inspiration juices flowing. I plan to use them in charm bracelets, earrings, pendants and so on.

These are more mother of pearl beads as nuggets -

Crystal beads - 

Glass Beads - 

Ceramic Beads - 

Antique brass charms - 

Assorted Bead Findings -

I also got some stickers to use in my packaging -

I can't wait to get started with these goodies....I added two bracelets to the Etsy shop today...but since this has been such a long post, I'll post it in another.


  1. wooow.. :o i miss going to that place!!! you've shopped a lot and my oh my, i'm envious! hahaha.

  2. thanks for your reply Kate! I love shopping for beads!!! I want to go back again but its been raining a lot and I hate it when it gets muddy there...


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