Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learning a new technique

I've finally got over my jewelry making hiatus. It's been quite a while since I've had a creative urge to make jewelry. I finally decided to give bead embroidery a try. I have quite a few stones stashed away that would work well with this type of jewelry...Here's my first kind, I have so much to learn.

I couldn't get the colors quite right in my photo because this was quickly taken at night. My supplier didn't have this stone labeled but, it seems to be a poppy jasper stone???? Can anybody identify it? I used some plain seed beads and bugle beads that weren't quite even in size making it difficult to lay flat layers down. I need to find a better source for seed beads that are actually better quality. 

I also need to work on laying the beads out evenly and flat. I guess I need a better needle too. The one I was using was much too big for the teeny tiny beads. I have yet to try the bail for this pendant but, so far, I'm happy and hooked....ready to try out another one!

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