Saturday, February 26, 2011

Art Bead February Inspiration - REVEAL 1

I finally finished the jewelry I was making from the Art Bead Scene February Inspiration. Since I didn't actually use art beads, I'm not eligible to submit it to the flickr goup...but never the less, I really liked the inspiration and decided to go ahead and make a piece of jewelry.

The inspiration art they featured was John Sargent's Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose...

And here's the color palette challenge - 

So, I had chosen 2 color palettes but, so far I have just finished my it is...

It's a convertible cluster/charm bracelet that doubles as a necklace. I included an extender type chain to be able to do this. You can find it listed in my ETSY shop - here.

Thanks for the fun challenge...I loved the colors. I do have another one to finish up...anyway, I still have 3 days left before February ends!


  1. That is gorgeous -- one of my favorite styles to make.

    Now. Listen to me, girl. Time to have a serious talk to you, friend to friend, designer to designer.

    (You. Must. Charge. More for that.)

  2. That's beautiful! I love all the colors and dangles!

  3. That's a delightful piece, and a great match for the palette!

  4. Thanks so much for such sweet comments!

    To Lori...I'm still struggling with pricing my items...its hard to get the sales going since I'm a newbie...I need to do research on how to go about with pricing... Thanks!


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