Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lighting the Winter Gloom - Iron Craft Challenge 1

I decided to join a crafty challenge for 2011 over at Iron Craft!

They post a craft challenge every week for a total of 52 wonderful craft projects. I found them kind of late but I still decide to go ahead and submit an entry for the first week.

Challenge 1 was Lighting the Winter Gloom. The challenge was to create something to bring sparkle and light in this cold season. I decided to create a beaded candle holder/decor that definitely catches the rays of light in any candle. I was already a day late so I had to quickly come up with something. I used some beads that were part of my "bead soup" or bead leftovers and wire that I had all tangled up.

Halfway there.....

And tada...the finished project.....

Here's a link to the flickr group of all challenge entries - click here.

Ready for the next challenge!!!

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