Friday, January 7, 2011

Yarn Addiction

It's official...I am totally addicted to yarn! I went out and explored the local yarn shop in Pasig city that I've read a lot about. I left my house late in the afternoon to avoid the hot sun. I didn't know that the stalls close shop by 5 pm. I jumped on a jeep and got there around4:45pm. Luckily the stall owner stayed open for me until I was able to pick out a few balls of yarn. I wanted to spend more time exploring the bags and shelves of yarn he had but instead, decided to tally up my loot and promised the shop owner I'll come back again for the cotton yarns.

And here they are...what feeds my addiction.... (sorry for the ugly pics...too excited to post)

I got 3 big balls of this light green yarn that super soft and fluffy...

2 black balls (these ones are a little thinner...I don't quite know the names of the weights of yarn yet)

2 balls each of blue (with a greyish tone), maroon and light brown

3 soft and gorgeous balls of pink yarn 

and 1 each of these other, teal, greyish black, maroon, purple, aqua

I also got some thin balls of chenille type of yarn...1 lavander, 2 light brown, 5 maroon and 1 small black ball. I forgot to take pictures of them....

I really love all of them and I can't wait to go back for more!!!

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