Thursday, May 19, 2011

BTW...A Tray Full of Beads

It's kind of a day late...but I only got a chance to take a picture now. Here's what I was working on yesterday...a wonderful tray full of new bead designs. This should be fun to paint and glaze. I'm planning to work on my faux ceramics and faux raku technique with these. But...still a few more slots open for more pendants there on the right before it goes under fire (or in the oven)....

I am totally enamoured with ceramics and porcelain. I'm hoping one day I will get to take a class on it. I've researched in my area and there is one place in the University that offers it but, I'm not quite sure if it is only a summer workshop. I missed the one that started in April. I'll have to give them a call to find out when the next is. For now, I will have to use polymer clay to get the look of ceramic...which polymer clay can do really well!

Check out the flickr group to take a peek at what some great artist and crafters are working on this Wednesday... - VISIT FLICKR GROUP HERE.

That's all for now..Have a great day!


  1. Better late than never and let me tell you they are outstanding looking beads for sure! We may need to talk when I get a beading budget again!

  2. Thanks Kristen. I always appreciate your visits and kind comments here on my blog! Sure, I'm always here...just send me a message. I'm always working on new beads now trying to stock up my bead shop on etsy.


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