Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Beads Store on Etsy

I've been putting a lot thought about whether I should open another Etsy shop for my handmade polymer clay beads and other stones, findings and crafting supplies. Or if I should have my own website for it. Or even if I should just incorporate it in my existing Etsy.

It took some time but I finally decided to just open a separate shop. So, today, I set it all up....

I have so much to list..but, I just want to add a few listings per day until I can build it up to a fully stocked shop. I hope it all goes well...

Here's my newest....

Great Green Owl


Alorien Grey

Nessie of the North

Yugi-oh Blue
I'm thinking of sending out a few of my beads to a bead artist so they can work their magic on it and create something. I'd love to see finished pieces with my very own beads. Should I make it something like a giveaway? I've seen a couple of sites that do this. It would be great exposure as well.

Tomorrow, more beads to be listed....

That's all for now...have a great day!

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