Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BTW...Ocean Spray Pendant

Today I'm working on a pendant which I cal Ocean Spray made of clay. It is inspired by different artists like Christie Friesen and Chris Kapono... Here, I first drew out a general idea of what I want the pendant to look like. I chose a plain grey colored clay and added the turquoise stones. The swirls remind me of the ocean and the small circles are bubbles from the spray....

I start playing with the clay and have the general look here... 

Here's the finished piece without the color. I've added more detail with the little circles and antique spacer beads... I also added the brass  hook on top to hang the pendant from...I think it might be better to add that before starting to add the details of the pendant so as not to destroy any of the forms made on the pendant. 

A closeup with the initial has taken a more involved form... 

I wanted to make some matching beads...maybe add as part of the necklace or maybe to make separate earrings for it...

Here's the completed piece....all in a day's work... You can't really see the color to well, but I finished it with Pearl-ex powder in a turquoise color. It gives it a wonderful shine. I'm still deciding if I should antique it with acrylic and maybe gloss? I'm liking it the way it is already... 

Thanks for joining me on this can check out what other btw-ers are working on by visiting the flickr group - here.

That's all for now...Have a good day!!!


  1. Very neat!! I really enjoyed reading the process - it's always fun to know the story and inspiration behind a piece.

    ... And thanks for stopping by my blog today. :-)

  2. Oh Penny I love this and love that you showed the process of it! I so need a bead budget I can blow!


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