Saturday, May 21, 2011


These are some of the pendants from my btw...I fired them up in the oven yesterday and spent today  working on "glazing" them. I tried several ways of coloring the focals which includes using TLS with oil pastels as well as using Future Polish (actually the local version we have which is Pledge Wipe & Shine) and acrylic paint.

Here are my results....I like how they turned out. I was going for a faux ceramic look...and I think, I'm almost there.  I do need a high gloss finish, however. I'm wondering what to use. The Future polish finish here was just not glossy enough to get that ceramic look. I wonder what would be a better gloss. 

These beads will eventually go into my Etsy shop (Earthly Jewels Beads) once I have coated it with a high gloss.

This leaf pendant was glazed with oil pastel mixed in  with TLS . I'm thinking it needs a bit more color...but I am liking it. It matches the colors of the current ABS jewelry challenge. Hmmm...

This set is perfect for a pair of earrings or as a smaller sized pendant. It has a sort of steampunk style because of the impressions which were made from small screws.

This is a lovely heart pendant that I first "glazed" with a purple and then sprinkled with Pearlex. It gives it a slight antiqued look.

And a series of rectangular pendants...a floral with different colors and antiqued with acrylics.....

This one I really liked because its really looking a lot like ceramics...

and so is this...very cute colors...

Finally my blue pendant...I added a metal ring on top instead of putting a hole (to hang the pendant from)...I quite like the brass ring on top. It doesn't take away any part of the design on the bead. 

I liked every one of these and plan to do them in different colors. Still searching for a good gloss for it...either that or maybe I can cover it with resin on top....I'll have to give it a try too.

Which one did you like from above? Do you think they look like they could be ceramics? (faux ceramic) Thanks for stopping by!

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