Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting some work done

Finally getting some work done. Been looking after my little Charley puppy...every week he's getting his vaccines and medicated bath and every time, he seems to be lethargic. This week, though, it passed pretty quickly and he is up and about! So, the worried mommy that I am was able to relax a bit and get back to finishing some of the beads I started. Today I got to hand painting a few of them...and I liked how they turned out...

My favorite is the one most to the right...the blue one. The color is really pretty and I think if I give it a gloss, it may look like a ceramic piece. I'm thinking of giving TLS a try (transluscent liquid sculpey) for a glaze. I'll have to stop by the craft store sometime tomorrow.

I've also added a couple beads to my new Etsy bead shop 
Earthly Jewels Beads

As for the pendant swap, I'm still waiting for one more pendant to arrive via mail. It's on the way and should be here pretty soon. Once I have all of them, I'll be able to finally post pictures!!! Hopefully next time we can have more people joining. It would be exciting to have a bead soup party too just like Lori from Pretty Things hosts. She will have another party in August sometime and I am definitely signing up!!! Meanwhile I would like to have a local one too...will have to put some thought into it and maybe ask Ms. Lori for some input (I'm quite shy to ask though). 

I've  joined a local group for polymer clay enthusiasts and artist on facebook (Polymer Clay People Philippines). It just started and there's been a lot of interaction so, it's a lot of fun. It may be great to have all sorts of activities like swaps, giveaways, inspirational challenges with prizes (prizes can be donated and then the person donating can get a week exposure on the group), blog hops.... lots of potential here!

Anyway, the weather has been cooler the past few days since it has been raining here. Little Charley is really loving it and has been getting really comfortable in his crate....

Aww, what a sweetie! I love this little puppy!

That's all for now...have a great day!

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