Monday, May 16, 2011

Pendant Swap Complete

I was excited to get my last pendant for the swap today! They're so adorable! It was my first swap ever...both to host and to participate in. Here are the goodies that I received....

There were four of us participating. So, we only had to send out 3 pendants. I decided to send out 2 per person and another participant did the same.

The first pendant I received was this really cute mermaid. It is from Ms Rachelle of Queen Accessories. Here is a link to her online shop -

The second one I received was from Ms. Manalastas. She was kind enough to include two pendants. A flower with  swirls on the petals and a pendant locket.

And the third pendant (the one that arrived today) was from Ms. Fritzie of Chinky Charms - who sent an adorable flipflop pendant.

Finally, the ones that I sent out. I am really into hand painting my beads. I decided on a stamped pendant that reminds me of an ornate sun. I highlighted the raised parts with gold to brighten up the pendant. I also made a second pendant with a heart on it and attached it to a round bezel.

 Here's a picture of the work in progress....

I formed the same stamped pendants but made them in different colors....the finished pendants.... 

I added a decorated jump ring to the so they can be worn right away. I also included a black cord necklace. Here's a closeup of the combination of pendants sent to each person....

It was quite fun making these well as receiving such cute ones too!  I hope to join and host more of these swaps. There is a group on facebook for Filipino clay artists which I just joined lately. I'm sure there will be great events there too! Can't wait.

Here's a photo Ms. Fritzie sent me of the pendants she received...

A big thank you to my swap partners! Hope you enjoyed and like the pendants that you received. Enjoy the summer!!!

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  1. i know I haven't been around much but that swap was awesome! I love your new creations too! They have me thinking of how to use them with my sweet seed beads!


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