Saturday, March 12, 2011

Charmed...I'm sure!

I wasn't crafty at all today and I didn't even get to spend much time online today with my shop or my blog. Hubby didn't have work this Saturday so, we set out for a long drive for the day to relax and spend quality time together...leaving behind, however, all the goodies from my visit yesterday to my local beading supplier. They weren't far from my mind though...who could completely forget about all these sweet charms....take a look...
(only a peek though...)

filigree, some owl charms, a lock and key, antique style feathers, earring studs, cameos and some chain

more charms...filigree hearts, keys, vintage cameras, filigree lockets, flower charms, ballerina, lovebirds, a cameo and rhinestone studded masquerade masks...

and even more charms...these ones calls out for a steampunk line style, maybe....especially with the top components. The butterfly pendants are quite large but very lovely!

Love them all!!! I can't wait to make them into that we're back home, we've popped in a movie (a favorite....Alice in Wonderland...the newest version with Johnny Depp...again) and I'll be matching charms with beads! 

Oh by the way, I dropped off some packages today too! (So, I haven't completely ignored my shop responsibilities today...)  I changed my packaging, though, as my last packages were way too heavy and turned out too expensive. They're still pretty cute, though, at least, I think so....

Much lighter weight but still as cute. I make the boxes myself...and I actually got the pattern from a coffee packaging from a coffee shop! I'm excited for my customers to receive them because, I've stuck a little extra surprise inside! I hope that will bring a smile to their day. (Since I'm all the way from the Philippines, though, the packages will take a while to get there. I am using a new courier which seems to be better than the local post office since there is an online tracking system on their website. Hopefully this goes well.)

Happy Saturday everyone!

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