Monday, March 7, 2011

My Webstore

This weekend I set up my webstore using I actually registered a while back but re-visited it this weekend and decided to finish setting up and start loading up my site. I can finally offer beads and supplies online!!!

I'm pretty much finished with the set up, now all I have to do is post my items for sale...that's what I'll be doing this afternoon!

Starting out with some jewelry...some of the same items from Etsy...then some beads and supplies...and finally kits and tutorials! How exciting! I can list all I want since you don't have to pay a listing fee! It's all free!!!

Here's how the site looks so far...I used one of the ready made themes...does it look alright?

The Home Page - 

The Product Catalog -  (still kind of empty)

I have the following links - About Me (which will indlude a Gallery of Past Works & Portfolio) | Prdouct Catalog (the webstore) | Shipping & Returns (info page) | Testemonials | FAQs | Contact Me

I might add a guest book where people can post a question or other comments....

What else a I missing?

Do visit me....although, its still under construction....


  1. Glad you stopped by. Checked out your store, you are doing great. It would be nice to have a blogger from the Philippines in the next Bead Soup Party. Mark your calendar.

  2. You have a cute blog. :) I feel like I'm growing and learning with you as you continue on your jewelry store journey. Thanks for sharing these things with us! I love how your store is so cohesive. Very nice work. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the visit, guys! I love getting to know new people!!!


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