Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pricing and Shipping Dilemma

I've been playing around with pricing items and shipping at the shop... I posted this on some of the Etsy forums...

What is more appealing to you as a buyer...
scenario 1 -
selling a charm necklace at $9.99 with international shipping (I'm shipping from the Philippines so most will fall under international) costing $6 ... total = $15.99

scenario 2-
selling a charm necklace at $12.99 and international shipping is $3
total = $ 15.99

scenario 3-
selling a charm necklace at $15.99 with free shipping...

Is it better to incorporate the shipping in the selling price? Or would it be more appealing to buy if you see a lower selling price? Or to make shipping costs similar to how much international buyers would normal pay to ship locally?

Most responded that they prefer scenario 3 or possibly scenario 2... most people love free shipping. So I set off to fix the pricing in my shop. After a day and listing some new items though, I noticed less views. Hm...that would not do...

So, I tried out lowering the shipping price and still making the pricing for my items afford-ably. 

I don't know quite yet but I think as I am a new shop, I think I will keep my prices a bit lower to encourage purchases. once I get more feedback and people start getting to know the quality of my creations, then I will re-think the pricing again... So, I hope for now, people will take advantage of the afford-ability and start shopping....

What would you a buyer?

And here are some new listings at my etsy,.....enjoy the lowered shipping prices!!!!


  1. I still think you are selling your pieces a little too low but to be honest I think the free shipping is your best way. I know that appeals to me.

  2. I agree with Kristen, your prices might be a little low for handmade jewelry. I like the second or third option on shipping. Nice jewelry, feminine but not over the top!

  3. I'd say free shipping. Most american buyers are weary of international shipping and I am sure your items are worth the price you would charge including shipping regardless. The free shipping would be an extra incentive for the buyer, I think.

  4. Thanks so much for your comments. I agree, its so difficult to figure out pricing. I'll be barely making anything for now but, once established, hopefully I can raise them to their real worth.


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