Friday, March 4, 2011

Clay Pretties - Feature Friday

It's been a while since I've posted a feature Friday...I've decided to change the format of my feature Fridays to a Five fabulous finds Feature Friday....whew....

It was a bit difficult to do a write up on each of the features so, using this format, i get to pick a theme and go out and window shop for the cutest items I can find...

This week I did a search on Clay Pendants...these are five of the cutest ones that I picked out...


Steampunk Black Gold Heart Necklace

by RoyalKitness

What a cute steampunk style necklace! Go check out more in their many to chose from!


What a lovely focal for a necklace! This is their signature lotus flower and you can check out their shop for other colors and designs.


They have so many pretty designs that i found it quite hard to chose only one to feature here. I love the colors of each one of them...very fabulous!


Adorable pendants that have a star stamped in the front and 'love' in the back. I love the colors! Check them out at their shop.


Another shop loaded with many beautiful clay creations...these ones made from cold clay! Make sure to visit the shop!

I've only picked out Five Finds from sooo many Fabulous shops! Make sure to check them out! And I hope you enjoyed the Fabulous Finds this Friday!

Enjoy the weekend!!!!


  1. Thanks for including me! My first blog post... how exciting!
    -RoyalKitness :)

  2. Thanks for posting my Retro Star beads! This is my first blog post! ((warm inside))((beaming))
    - DIVINEconsciousness


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